Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Clarifications and affirmations...

Before I even begin to go on about the glorious sunrise this morning I have one or two things to clear up!

1. The Model Man - his name is Albert. I know that isn't even close to Ryan but what can I say. I told you I hadn't reached the name point yet :-)

2. Still like "Albert". I love that naughty boy thing he has going on (and I don't mean that in a nasty way - but in a - he is mischeveous way).

So now that we have that straight - other DWTS observations:

I kind of like the Brazilian race car driver (except for that missing tooth thing - or maybe it is just a crooked tooth but I can't help but notice it every time they show a profile view of him).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get rid of the millionaire, billionaire - whatever he is. I'd rather watch Wayne Newton.

I still like Jenny Garth. I want to be her friend - do you think I should email her
:-) And the Cheetah girl - she's still the best dancer. Just think what she and My Mario would be able to do together (and did you hear it - the main host guy mentioned Mario last night - did you hear it? Did you? Did you?).

And about that Bachelor thing - well I still think he is okay. He didn't give a pity rose to the chick that took the tumble. That almost made up for the fact that he gave a rose to the body shot chick - guess he thinks someone might be a "sure thing"!

Oh and about that sunrise this morning. It was fabulous. All oranges and pinks and purples. The sky was glowing. It made being an early morning girl worth the trouble. Seriously it was absolutely fabulous!!!

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