Monday, February 16, 2009


Hmmmmm. I received an email today which said "update your blog already. I need updates". But the thing is I'm a little low on the updates these days.

  • I've been really crabby lately - that's an update.
  • We made heart shaped crayons for Valentine's Day school friend gifts (you can see the details of that little project on this blog: Elle's Studio - thank you Amy ;-)) That's another update.
  • I had today off from work. We get one random holiday a year and this year they picked President's Day. It was like a bonus day since most of the world was working. That's update number three.
  • Alex is in the shower right now and I can hear Taylor Swift singing about her Romeo - okay maybe that isn't an update but more like a little bit of insider knowledge. He has a shower radio, he got it for Christmas - does that count as an update?

What about these?

  • I met my friend Wendy for breakfast at Panera on Saturday.
  • I got my hair cut tonight and took Syd with me. She talked non-stop and picked out the "bride hair" she wants when she marries Wyatt. He will say "Hon, you look great" when he sees her (those were her exact words - I'm thinking Wyatt doesn't stand a chance when pitted against the girl's determination - this has been going on for the entire school year. Did I mention she is in KINDERGARTEN. At least she isn't bringing home a boy's phone number like her sister... and I was excited about having girls - HA!)
  • I'm watching The Bachelor tonight although I'm not at all impressed with Jason nor his selection of love-sick women. I mean really, you're a single dad - is this the way you want to find a mother for your son???
  • I'm wondering what the etiquette is regarding throwing your own birthday party. I have such a eclectic group of friends. Nothing would make me happier then spending an evening with all of them in one room.
Soooo, as you can see the updates - not so much lately. I'll try to see if I can't spice things up this week but I don't start coming out of my shell until the first real day of spring - SERIOUSLY!



Wendy said...

We need to scrapbook...or something like that. You can invite me to your birthday party...I won't be offended if you have one for yourself. I'll celebrate you anytime...

Shirley said...

nothing wrong with throwing your own party!

Ann said...

ah...spring, will it ever come?? Thanks for the updates:) Heard you made an appearance at VIP --- hope they were nice to you!!

Amy said...

thank you.
and yes. have the party!