Sunday, February 8, 2009

Like Night and Day...

well sort of anyway. I have a sister - have I mentioned this before - I think I have - but if not - I have a sister. She is 6 years younger than I am. ANYWAY, she and I are not very much alike - my brother and I - that's a different story, but Nic and I - different. While I was Miss Girly Girl, must wear dresses every day, you can never have enough Barbies, she was Miss Tomboy, I will wear this football jersey t-shirt every day, what is a Barbie? (seriously - she hated Barbies - who hates Barbies?)

Anyway she posted THE 25 random things on her Facebook page and I thought I would share them. I probably shouldn't share someone else's 25 things without their permission but she's my sister and she's younger so really I can do what I want (did I mention I was the bossy one??). So without further ado here are her 25 random tidbits. And we aren't quite as different as I might have thought (my comments are in blue - because again, you know me right and you knew there would be comments).
1. I am totally and irrationally afraid of snakes!

2. I LOVE in particular - I get all tingly and happy inside when the new boots come out for the fall season. I's a problem. (Okay my thing - sunglasses - but regardless - it's a collecting problem)

3. I also love clothes and love to shop. (Ditto)

4. I'm in advertising. My husband is an engineer. It works...go figure.

5. I love to paint - walls that is. We moved into our house 15 years ago and the family room has been painted about 6 or 7 times already. (She gets this from mom - who will get up any given morning and decide she is going to paint a room - any room - just for fun - the color may be up for a week or a year - but the painting it is a random decision. Me - it took me 3 weeks to decide on a paint color for the bathroom - paint is not like underwear people, there is no need to change frequently)

6. I like change - hence the multiple paintings of the family room.

7. I love to cook.

8. I hate doing laundry!

9. I would love to live on a lake, so I could go waterskiing every day in the summer. (Ditto)

10. I am going to attempt to learn to surf on our trip to Mexico. I am very excited and VERY nervous.

11. I hate making a fool out of myself. (which is why I'm nervous about trying to surf).

12. I am realizing that trying to come up with 25 random things about yourself is really hard.

13. I love cars. My ideal job would be working at Motor Trend or Car & Driver test driving cars and then writing critiques for the magazine. (Did I not mention this love of cars thing in my list also - it's a family thing trust me - I won't even go into the number of cars our brother has owned)

14. I like decorating, but I don't like to spend a lot of money on it - goes back to #6 - I don't want to spend a lot of money on stuff for the house because I know I will want to change it after 6 months or a year. (I like the decorating thing also - and Nic - two words - TJ MAXX)

15. Magazines I subscribe to: O, Architectural Digest, Waterski

16. I don't really read that many articles in magazines, I just like to flip through them and look at the pictures and read the photo captions. I may scan an article or two.

17. I am very proud of my sons. I think they are really good and kind. I know...every mother thinks that, but I think other people would agree. (They are very good boys - seriously)

18. I love to eat, especially anything Italian or chocolate.

19. I like to exercise once I start doing it, but I have a hard time making myself do it.

20. I apparently have a thing for older men - my husband is 12 years older than I am and all but 2 of the guys I've dated were older than me. (have I mentioned my husband is a younger man???)

21. I like martinis - a lot. Not the James Bond type, but the Sex in the City Cosmo type.

22. It took me awhile to find them as an adult, but I know have really great friends who I can relax with and have fun with and who love me for who I am.

23. I write and design ads and brochures for farm equipment - I have never lived on a farm, nor do I have any desire to live on a farm and, if it weren't for my job, I probably wouldn't pay much attention to the products I spend every day working with, but, yet, here I am. (Yep, we grew up in a Midwestern agricultural state and very rarely even visited a farm even though my dad's career was solely dependent on the farming industry).

24. That being said, I get a very content, happy feeling when I'm driving down the road on a beautiful spring day and notice the green haze of the new crops popping through the dark soil. (and the smell of the fresh turned earth in the spring - I love that smell - seriously you can smell the dirt)

25. I write and talk entirely too much. I could go on and on and on when I start writing. Although it's been hard to come up with 25 random thoughts, it's almost been harder not to elaborate on all 25. (I'm so glad I don't have that talking problem ;-))

So there you go, now you know a little bit more about my sister. I know, I know, pulling content from someone else's rambling, but really I've had nothing to say but thought you deserved to read SOMETHING new - I'd hate to be remembered as the chick who hunted down that stop sign runner like a dog after a cat (hey, it had been a bad day...)


Oh and this is her, my sister, Nicole - feel free to call her Nic - we do :-)

And one other thing - the HotY sent me a link to THIS article the other day - I thought it was good and so apropos with this post so I'm sharing - you know I'm all about sharing the knowledge :-)

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I liked what your sister shared and your sharing about her sharing...I also loved the article too...