Monday, April 7, 2008

What have I created?

If you know me at all, you will know that I LOVE clothes. LOVE them. Before Children - eating not a big deal - a new outfit, that was a big deal. I know I am not unique in this but being a clothes lover and then having twin daughters was like having my prayers answered - buying cute clothes without the agony of the dressing room. It was heaven for about 3 years and then Syd grew big enough to change her own clothes and life has become a series of wardrobe changes.

At first I couldn't figure out where this came from - changing clothes 20 times a day - but then my sister was very quick to remind me that I had taught her this behavior since I changed the girls' outfits three, four, maybe five times a day when they were babies - so many clothes so little time (don't tell the HotY I said that - he already thinks the clothes thing is a problem). So fine, maybe it is my fault but holy bananas the girl can't keep an outfit on for more than fifteen minutes. And the things she picks out. Let's just say I wish that the Little Mermaid had a Little Less influence because Ariel's wardrobe choices are not always the most appropriate! You know what I mean, you've seen her hiding behind that rock while spying on Eric - she's not wearing much! I'm not surprised he bundled her up and whisked her off to his castle - are you?!

Anyway, I'm never quite sure what Syd is going to be wearing at any given time. It could be a swimming suit, a leotard, a fairy dress, a set of seashells and a mermaid fin - you just never know. Last night when I went up to bed I checked on the little cherubs and there laid out all very nicely by the door was a raincoat opened up with a dress inside, tights underneath all tucked into the shoes. Guess what she wore today - yep! She's such a Syd.

Now Lauren is a very practical girl when it comes to clothes - one outfit a day is a good plan with appropriate attire a plus! Syd is always trying to get her to change clothes - which Lauren just ignores her - she's good at that ignoring thing especially is she is ignoring Syd. And you know what, now when I think about it, Alex is kind of a clothes guy. He likes clothes and has been known to change several times in one day. And then there was that whole garage sale clothing bin deal (small clothes, tags attached) which became his entire trousseau until I figured out where he had the thing stashed and I put it back in the garage - where it belonged!

So maybe it is my fault - but they could have worse habits - like feeding their vegetables to the dog.


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Shirley said...

at least you know that they come by it honestly....bwahahahaaha!