Friday, July 27, 2007

I don't think I have to tell you...

what day it is! Happy Friday!!! Today I'm actually feeling a little blue so I am going to use exclamation points excessively since exclamation certainly indicates excitement and joy!!!!! I'll just fake it through and then maybe it will come, that blue bird of happiness!!!
So my mom sent me an email yesterday and you know what her big news was? She met someone from Washington D.C. - and guess what - people in Washington D.C. shop at TJ Maxx too! Seriously, she was very excited about this - which I think is very funny and very cute! I mean really if people in Washington D.C. shop at TJ Maxx doesn't everyone? I am not picking on my mom, really, I.AM.NOT., but I do have to laugh about the TJ Maxx love because it seems, like the tripping, it's a hereditary thing! My sister claims to hate TJ Maxx and will never take a shopping cart because that would be admitting the love but if you ever saw her stumble blindly to the checkout with her arms full and face covered you would know that she feels the love too no matter how much she denies it! She can run but she can't hide behind that huge pile of bargain designer finds and luxury home goods - because you know it's TJ Maxx - every day it's a new store :-)
Okay, that's all I've got today!!!! Remember to use your exclamation points and look for the silver lining!


Shirley said...

I think that I've been once maybe? LOL!

Amy said...

So did you stop by this weekend? Any treasures to be found? I have been to TJ Maxx with you. That's where I will leave that! :)