Monday, July 16, 2007

Is it tomorrow yet?

I know I know last Thursday I said there would be humor on Friday - and I thought there was going to be, I really did. But the days go to fast and the weekends even faster - so here it is Monday and I'm still holding out judgement about the humor thing but at least I'm here. That's something - right? Right? Right???

We once again had a weekend full of family fun. Saturday morning we went to the Farmer's Market and bought all kinds of yummy stuff. I always feel so healthy when I know I am eating home grown fruits and veggies. And there was the first corn on the cob of the season! It was yummy. Messy, but yummy. And if that weren't enough - all that good wholesome, organic, homespun goodness, in one day we rounded it all out by going to the Civic Center to watch the US National Baton Twirling Championships. Yes, I did say US National Baton Twirling Championships. This thing has been going on for TWO weeks. Who knew there were so many baton twirlers in the US - and MALE twirlers too. So how do you decide you are going to become a National Baton Twirling Champion? And is there a future in that kind of thing? Anyway, I knew the girls would love it - and they did - what's not to love, it was glitter heaven. I was so inspired I went home and sniffed the Stickles. I KNOW my life is so exciting. Do you see why I didn't have time to write? There was important stuff happening!

It's going to be a LONG week this week so things might get a little testy around here but I'll try to keep it all in perspective. Besides there is scrapbooking, Friday night, with Amy, and Heather. I think I am supposed to have a challenge page done. Um so far there have been five challenge pages and I have completed - ohhhh let's say ONE! You know I don't do well following rules :-) Seriously. I mean I follow the big rules - you know, like the 10 commandments and the law, but those other rules, the ones in life that are kind of iffy or self-imposed or written in small print on the cereal box - not so much.

Okay that's it. There is only so much a person can say about nothing and I think I'm at the limit.


Oh and before I go - does anyone know why my nail polish is getting little bubbles or bumps in it? Not in the bottle but on my nails. Why is this happening. And it's good polish - it's OPI - so this should not be happening. Any ideas? It's driving me crazy.


Amy said...

Wow! That does sound like a full weekend. Were they at least selling popcorn at the baton show? :)

And that is a huge step for you to at least acknowledge the challenge page. I am almost thinking you are going to get it done!!

Shirley said...

ha ha ha - did you get pictures?

deb said...

Go visit for a flashback to the 80's post.. and a giveaway.

Couldn't help thinking of you my 80's trivia friend. :)

terri said...

my mother used to tell me that the bubbles were from my telling a fib. So you know I really believed I was going to h-e-double toothpicks.
I will be @ CHA. You have my cell call me with any suggestions. AND no whining. tt