Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And the legacy continues...

It was a good day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, I was home early enough to have a nap. Life was fine. And then, then it happened... I was walking across the driveway after placing the newspaper in the recycling bin, carrying the mail, minding my own business and - BAM - I tripped over the uneven sidewalk and FELL. And it wasn't just a little trip - nope, it was a full-blown, all out, let me lay here for awhile because I think I'm going to throw up it hurts so bad, sprawling fall. Mail scattered, shoes flew and I skidded across the pavement. It was not a pretty sight. So now, here I am, nursing a scrapped arm and a sore knee swollen up like a softball. UGH.

You KNOW I'm kind of used to the tripping thing but it really ticks me off when I get hurt and right now I am hurting. IT's MAKING ME CRABBY. Of course the HotY is waiting on me hand and foot, I mean seriously, it is his job :-) but right now I could really use a phone call from my boy Rob, or Mario (although he really is falling off the list rather quickly - not sure what he could do to redeem himself at this point - well maybe flowers and a get well soon card...).

Okay I think the pain is making me delirious. Dang.


ETA - The girls Barbies are still clammoring for a real wardrobe and frankly I'm tired of naked
Barbies taunting me with their slender waists, long legs and perky breasts, so I told the girls I would make them Barbie clothes - which is great - except I don't have any fabric scraps so if you know someone with scraps to share I would be happy to chat with them and see if we could come up with a deal or trade for the fabric. Because really if the Barbie's in this house knew how to write, or walk for that matter, they would make up signs that read "Will work for clothes" and picket the local Target. Thanks and pass it on!

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Amy said...

OMG! Are you going to make it? Did you sprain something? I hope you are okay.