Monday, November 13, 2006

When I'm sick I'm crabby

So I've been sick in bed all day today. I hate that. I hate being sick because of course I think I am never going to be well again and will die with bad hair and mascara smears under my eyes. And then there is the sleep hangover. I have been sleeping ALL DAY and I don't know if I feel so bad because I am that sick or if I have just slept too much. Either way it sucks and it makes me extra crispy crabby!

Right now, as I type, I am locked (literally locked - as in the knob is turned and my children are taking five minute shifts pounding on the door and asking me who locked the door) in my bedroom because my in-laws are visiting right now. And it isn't that I normally lock myself in the bedroom for their visits (oh there is a comment so wanting to come out but I'll keep it to myself) but believe me when I say I am unpresentable at the moment. I smell, I have holes in my pj's and there is the hair thing. If I were to just close the door and not lock it my children would happily introduce each and every visitor into my "sick room" again and again and again. Right now I'm not looking for company (insert smiley).

The best part of today - tonight, when I'm sleeping (after dark when people are supposed to sleep), I'm hoping for NyQuil induced dreams of Mario...

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