Friday, November 3, 2006

I can't even go crab-free today!

Well here we are again - another non-crab day. It seems like it was just yesterday I was having a crab-free day and I'm really not sure I'm ready to give up the crab for the week. A girl can only stand so much happiness you know:-)

And you know, it isn't about yesterday's plan failure, or about my disappointing first day of Kindergarten or about Walmart or the guy that had five cars backed up behind him because he was going 15 mph. I'm just in a bit of a crabby funk.

Okay fine maybe it has a little to do with that Kindergarten thing. I mean that experience in itself was something I could overcome but then there was the tennis shoe on the wall thing. Yes, it's true, I was THE LAST kid in my Kindergarten class (I was in the afternoon class - country kids were in the morning class) to have my tennis shoe on the wall because I was the last one to learn to tie my shoes. I may have been the last Kindergartner in the whole school to know how to tie my shoes. Heck, I'm not even sure I ever got my shoe on the wall . I mean I remember that Mel H., and Julie D. and even Bob "chase me around the playground" S. had their shoe's on the wall but I don't remember my shoe being there and I think I would remember. I mean really, I remember making the plaster of paris in a paper plate hand print which I painted blue so I think I would remember the shoe. So maybe it is really all about the construction paper shoe that I never had on the wall. Could it be that between first day disappointment and shoe tying failure that a true crab was born??? Now that is something to think about...


Anonymous said...

i love crabs and i think your hatred for them upsets me greatly. Please stop the cruelty.

Katy in Nukoliopy

tomrox212 said...

Katy, I totally agree
I think the cruelty should stop
I love you Katy =]

Tom in Nukoliopy

Anonymous said...

Dear Tom
there is a club for people like us.
Lets join together and start a rebellion.

your good friend
Katy in Nukoliopy

Anonymous said...

Let's just shout at them and stuff

Anonymous said...

yeh, damn straight.
I'm Naboo that's who.

Anonymous said...

That's really great Katy
so, I think we should attack people

Anonymous said...

yeh lets do it. Come on mother licker.