Thursday, November 16, 2006

I guess I'm not crabby enough

So today I received a few emails expressing surprise that I am taking the demise of My Magical Magnificant Movin' Mario and his soon to be absence in my weekly life as well as I am. I KNOW, even I'm a little surprised at myself but here's the thing, the same day that Mario had the Dancing with the Stars Disco Ball STOLEN right out from under his happy feet I became the proud owner of a new cell phone. And it isn't just any phone but a PINK Razr. I know it is a little sad that I could be so excited about a phone. But it isn't just any phone it is a PINK phone and I really love my PINK phone. So although the loss of Mario is devasting just a glance at the Phabulous Pink Phone and I am able to face another day. I don't know if a Pink Phone will keep the Mario Melancholy at a Minimum but for now that darn pink phone is making me pretty peachy!!!

By the way if the Phabulous Pink Phone was really peach I would not be happy. I hate peach I don't look good in peach - on my body or at my ear. At one time I loved peach. I used to have a bathroom that was peach and light blue. I thought I was very Miami Vice with that bathroom. Oh and just for the record I never liked Miami Vice. Some people may think Don Johnson is cute but he's got nothing on My Mario. My Magnificant Magical Mario. What am I going to do without Mario? How will I ever watch Dancing with the Stars again? HOW CAN EMMITT SMITH LIVE WITH HIMSELF. Shoot I'm feeling sad, where is my Phlippin' Phabulous Pink Phone???

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Stephanie said...

So I heard on the radio this morning that your beloved Mario has been hanging out with none other than Britney Spears!
What do you think of that!?!