Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Some phone calls just make me crabby!

Finally, I can quit ignoring my telephone. I got so many of those irritating political calls it made me CRABBY and I started ignoring the phone. And if you know me you know that is BIG! Anyway, I would look at the Caller ID, see unknown name and number and ignore the call. But THEN some of them actually left messages on my answering machine, messages that would beep at me until I deleted the darn things. WHAT? Don’t they know I’m BUSY? I have important things to do; I have a blog to write, kids to chase, Scrapbooking to do, Mario to stalk, I don’t have time for them and their annoying calls.

So yep, I ignored them, they kept bugging them, I kept ignoring them, and now it is all over and I’ve got my phone back. I mean what if Publisher’s Clearing House has been trying to get a hold of me? Or or or MARIO! I can’t even think about it.

So did you see my Mario dance last night? A tango. Very hot. He cannot lose to Joey Lawrence. It just can’t happen. Besides I think I’ve had a premonition. This morning when I was getting ready for work my daughters turned on the TV and there it was Saved by the Bell. I mean how often do you just happen upon Saved by the Bell anymore? I think it’s locked in - Mario is going to win! Just wait, you’ll see.

You know this thing with Mario? This “admiration” I have for him? Well you know it isn’t really that bad right? I mean sure he’s cute and he’s hot and he can dance and he’s probably got a little money stashed away (although he is doing Dancing With the Stars, but it isn’t like he has been gig-less since Saved by the Bell, he did that Animal Planet show – I mean that must have paid SOMETHING and he showed his bare bottom on Nip/Tuck (I’m telling you that show is where it’s at), that had to be worth some cash and it isn’t like he’s selling t-shirts to pay his mortgage like that freaky Screech guy so he must be doing okay). Anyway, I digress. The thing I wanted to say is I have my very own Mario at home (love you honey). Really. Okay fine, he isn’t Hispanic and he doesn’t dance, and he isn’t a television star and he doesn’t have dimples and his name isn’t Mario but you know – he’s close (insert smiley!).


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It's nice that you mentioned your own little 'Mario' at home.

I hear Mario made it through to the next round. Whewwwww!