Monday, November 6, 2006

Someone eat the Halloween Candy - QUICK

Okay let's just take a minute to talk about Halloween candy shall we? I mean why is it that a big candy bar does not tempt me - it can sit around in the cupboard for months and I don't feel even a little bit compelled to take a bite. But Halloween candy? Forget it. I think those miniature candy bars are kind of like babies - hard to resist a nibble. Ohhhh look at this itty bitty Snickers. It's so cute. I could just pop it in my mouth in one bite. Yummy Yummy Yummy. Come here baby let mama have a little smidgeon. And then the next thing you know you have consumed an entire extended family, nieces, nephews, cousins - they all look the same and taste even better. And to top it off today I am CRABBY. Do you know what that means to a bag of miniature peanut butter cups? Annihilation!!! The end of the family tree. Who wants to live with that guilt? And really when it comes right down to it I hate those mini things. They are teases. They are just daring you to stop at one. It's all just a game to them. A mean, mean game.

But the worst part of all - I can't seem to bring myself to throw the Halloween candy away. I mean really my kids stayed up past their bedtime and went begging from house to house to bring home those baby candy bars. Can I really just treat them like trash? Turn my head and just empty the entire bowl into the garbage? And then there is the I'll take it to work plan which in theory is good - UNTIL the sorting begins because really do any of us want our co-workers to get the best stuff. See that's what I'm saying. So pretty soon you end up with a bag full of suckers and sweet tarts and tootsie rolls - like your co-workers are really gonna want that stuff. They've already sorted their own stash and are lugging in the same crappy candy so no one is going to think you are a hero for sharing.

So here I sit with PMS looming on the horizon and a big bowl of cute baby bars just waiting to go to the great beyond. It isn't looking good but at least I've got a sugar high goin' on!

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Shirley said...

How's this for crabby? Hayley only got cr@p for candy. We're the only house to hand out chocolate stuff. Sheesh!