Tuesday, November 28, 2006

And they say women can't make up their minds...

Okay, we had winter in October, and it wasn't even late October we are talking middle of the month October. AND NOW it is practically December, in a land where temperatures are usually hovering around the below freezing mark, and it is SIXTY degrees (Fahrenheit). SERIOUSLY. Mother Nature is giving women everywhere a bad name with this back and forth, back and forth. Just pick a season and stick with it! How am I supposed to know what to wear in the morning and lord knows I don't want to deal with the coat issue if I don't have to.

So you would think I wouldn't mind the 60 degree weather, and normally I wouldn't mind at all, but there is something about plastic reindeer, flashing mini lights outlining every window of your house and blow-up Santas that need snow! Really, snow helps even the tackiest lawn ornament - trust me! Plus I had wanted a little snow for our Christmas pictures of the crabbettes. Instead I had to settle for warm weather and dead leaves. Nice.

Despite the lack of a snowy back drop the Christmas photos went pretty well. Thirty pictures and I have ONE that only needs limited photoshopping to get rid of red-eye. How old do your kids have to be before everyone can look good at the same time? Anyone? I would post a photo here BUT that would spoil the surprise for those of you who will be receiving a Christmas card. Who can't wait to see a photo they've already seen? NOBODY!!! See, I knew you would understand.

Well I better get working on that card thing. Who knows maybe I can slip outside for a bit and work on my tan!

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Shirley said...

still need to take our holiday photo for our cards, too. ARGH!