Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Man that judge makes me crabby

Here I am LIVE with Dancing with the Stars! Yes, I am blogging while I'm watching. There is so much filler it isn't like it is the impossible task. Anyway my Mario just got done dancing his Samba to one of my most disliked songs of all time - Duke of whatever by Stevie Wonder - hate the song. Anyway the boy was hot but my attention was somewhat divided as daughter S. was busy doing her own rendition of the Samba/Pole Dance. I hate to discourage her but I sure hope she doesn't take her show on the road.

Okay Emmett and the chick just danced again - did you know his head glistens with sweat while he is dancing. Yep, and now you know. And that older judge guy - the one that sits in the middle I think he is in love with Emmett. It's just my opinion but I'm pretty observant that way. AND I'm telling you if Mario doesn't win I'm going to ask for a recount. Oh give me a break - Emmett and his chick just got perfect marks. Please.

So is this annoying you yet? I mean it's just an experiment. A chance to try something new. Just live with it for today okay - I'm too tired and crabby to deal with your whining and I've about had it with Mr. "Emmett I love you" judge. Now he is REALLY making me crabby.

OMG did you hear that? Mario's mom just said if Mario doesn't win the trophy Mama will make him a trophy. Okay so that's it - the engagement is off I don't think I could live with Mama...

Alright here we are with the big finale... I'll be back with commentary after the performance. Hey, Emmett's head is glistening like it's covered with glitter. Did the dancing chick shake her spangled booty all over his head?

Mario, Mario, Mario, did you see my Mario? Man he doesn't even have to dance he can just stand there. Oh wait - there's Mama - must forget Mario...

Okay it's a dead heat - neck and neck - like that is a big surprise!

So that's it. My Mario's fate is in the hands of the voting public. Do your part. Make my day. Vote for my Mario. Really, I am sure I can think of something to do about Mama. Okay gotta go I've got votes to cast and phone calls to make...

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