Wednesday, November 15, 2006

OMG Crabby!!!

Oh My God! Did you see it? Did you see Dancing with the Stars? Did you hear them say Emmett and his dancing twit won? Listen to me America - WHAT DID YOU DO? I told you. I told you to vote for My Mario. I gave you every reason to vote. Were you listening? Holy Bananas. AND - about Mr. Smith - sure he had some rhythm but he looked the same in EVERY SINGLE FLIPPIN' DANCE. Just like Sarah Evans looked like she was doing some kind of two-step boogie on her horse no matter what dance she was supposed to be doing.

Anyway, I guess the fairy tale is over. My Mario is just another Saved By the Bell has-been (did you see Tiffany Amber Thiesen in the audience - what has THAT chick been doing??? - oh and just so you know SHE is on my husband's list - it's a regular Saved by the Bell reunion around here). Anyway, you don't know how it pains me to see my Mario reduced to second place, but I'm a realist. I'm ready to move on. I must endure. Although if he (Mario) starts selling t-shirts to save his house I am soooo going to ask him to move in with me.

Now life will return to normal on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and the highlight of my TV viewing pleasure will be Thursdays. I can only hope to see an "I'm Purrrrfect" sweat shirt to get me over the hump.

By the way, if you see Mario on the street, you know selling those t-shirts, be sure to give him a hug for me. I know he misses me...


Shirley said...

I came here fully expecting a crabby post cause of Mario. HUGS, honey! ;)

Anonymous said...

True story here. There was a story on our local news last night after the finale about a lady who kept getting people trying to call for Mario on her cell phone. She said she received over 200 calls. I guess her number was the same (except it wasn't an 800 area code it was our area code). She said she told several of the people to call 800 and they said they were. True story! I dn't know how many votes separated the two, but it is an interesting story ..