Wednesday, December 27, 2006

So this is Christmas...

It's here and then POOF it's gone. Christmas 2006 has almost drawn to a close. The tree is still up but the boughs seem to be sagging with the knowledge that her days as belle of the ball are almost over. So with the end of the season and the close of the year I hope this holiday season brought you all you were hoping for and that the new year is more than you dare to dream.

Soooo now that all that mushy stuff is over (but I meant it - really I did!). Let's recap. Our Christmas was BUSY! We started out with Alex's birthday on Friday. Dinner at Timberlodge followed by cake and birthday gift opening. I wanted to go look at Christmas lights but was outvoted by the birthday boy.

Anyone know what this cake is? Anyone, anyone, Bueller??? Give me your guesses and I'll send the winner a hand crafted and GLITTERED monogram. I know it isn't QUITE scrapbooking but almost...

And here is the birthday boy blowing out his candles. This is the little soul that really showed me what it is all about to put someone else first. My firstborn, my guiding light to seeing all that is good in the world. There are days when I still stop and wonder why - what is the plan - but most days I don't wonder at all and just know I am incredibly lucky!

And just because I am feeling all picture posting like here is one I like just 'cuz I do, I was messing around with my manual settings. And lastly here are three monkeys anxiously awaiting the gift opening extravaganza.

So as you can see a wonderful Christmas was had by all. There were gifts to unwrap and goodies to eat and a real shower to use while visiting my parents (it's the little things (SMILEY)).

Oh and I almost forgot. STICKLES - I got STICKLES. ALL THE STICKLES. EVERY STICKLE COLOR MADE. My wonderful husband actually understands about my Stickle love. And frankly he'd much rather encourage that relationship than the one with Mario. I'll take a picture and post it tomorrow (of the Stickles - not of Mario - not that I wouldn't like to post a picture of Mario, or even better a picture of Mario using Stickles - but tomorrow it will just be the Stickles). ANYWAY, YOU'RE GONNA LOVE THE STICKLES.


Amy said...

Love the pics. Can't wait for more. And I think the cake is a stack of pancakes! :)

Shirley said...

adorable cake whatever it is (something layered?)! can't wait to see the stickles! :)