Monday, December 11, 2006

Of Friends, Scrapbooking and Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Amy!!!

Yes, it is Amy's birthday today. We had a little celebration on Saturday while SCRAPBOOKING. And there was not one I'm Purrrrrfect sweatshirt in the group - SERIOUSLY. Anyway, Amy and I have only been friends for about a year but you know how there are some people that just get you and vice-versa? That's how it is with Amy. Most of my close friends are people I have known for years, people I have grown up with, people who have been there through dating and marriage and babies and mid-life crisis (okay so I don't consider myself mid-life yet but you know what I mean). And then there are those rare individuals you meet along the way that you click with right away. The ones that you haven't really known forever but it still feels that way. That is how it is with Amy. I am so glad I met her and that we have formed a friendship and support system even if she does think My Mario is gay and has Tommy Lee on her list (but really, you can't judge a person on their list - the LIST is non-judgmental). So Happy Birthday Amy. I hope you have a wonderful year!!!

I scrapped this weekend. It felt good. I haven't really worked on a page in ages. I missed my scissors and pretty paper and although I still have an undying love for flowers and ribbon I have begun an affair with glitter, specifically Stickles Glitter. I think the Stickles may be THE ONE. That special something that will never lose it's luster (literally) - Goll darn it I need a flippin' smilie. So I played with glitter all day and could feel the magic of the fairy dust drifting over my zen - and then I went home to get ready for ANOTHER party (one that involved adult beverages and content - the kind of party where you WOULD NOT want to be confronted with a pair of scissors because that could only lead to bad things - things like a kitchen counter haircut or a Flash Dance t-shirt) and as I looked in the mirror while getting ready for the "other" party I noticed that not only was my zen dancing in fairy dust but my face was a shining beacon of GLITTER!!! Now if you have ever dealt with glitter it is not easy to get those darn sparkles off. So I went to the party hoping that everyone would just think it was my sparkling personality shining through (you know what I need here right???) it all worked out okay - really.

And then there is that cupcake thing but this post is already far too long so that is just going to have to wait until another day. Just remind me to tell you about it.

Have a great day Amy and everyone else too!!! Bake some cookies, put a quarter in the Salvation Army bucket, let someone cut in front of you in traffic, do a little something to make someone smile, 'tis the season baby!


Amy said...

Wow! An ode to Amy post! Love it. Thank you my dear, dear friend.

Stephanie said...

Glad to hear you scrapped girl!
And Happy Birthday Amy!!