Friday, December 15, 2006

It's beginning

The Christmas hustle and bustle has officially begun at our house with the beginning of the birthday week extravaganza. Today is Dennis' birthday (next week is Alex's birthday). We have big things planned for tonight, like figuring out why our outside lights are acting flukey and more Christmas shopping and chaperoning Alex to a dance this evening. Such is the life of an adult on his birthday. But don't feel too sorry for Dennis, the kids will ensure he has a fabulous birthday with singing, and dancing and birthday festivities. The only thing better than their own birthday's are our birthday's. They know an event that calls for cake when they see it!

But really, since it is Dennis' birthday today and this may be the only present he receives from me (hey it's the Christmas season!) I will take a minute to talk about what a wonderful husband and father this man is!

This is a man who will get up in the middle of the night to take care of a crying child because he wants to let me sleep, this is a man who will IM me in the middle of the day just to say he is thinking of me, this is is man who will actually come to see what the problem is when I am slamming things around in my scraproom (yes it is true I have a scraproom) because my printer keeps jamming, this is a man who will dance around the living room like an idiot because it makes his kids laugh, this is a man who will not hesitate to join in the jingly bell parade through the house, this is a man who loves his wife and children beyond all else and isn't afraid to tell the world. This is a good man - and I fail to tell him often enough.

Happy Birthday Dennis - I love you!!!


mchubby said...

Thanks crabby wife! (Really, she's not THAT bad) Birthdays are the best when shared with those that love you.

I love you!

Now on to the cake!!!!


Shirley said...

Happy belated birthday, Dennis!

Stephanie Klauck said...

LOL at McHubby!!!
Happy Birthday Dennis!!