Thursday, March 19, 2009

The one about finding peace...

This morning when I got in the van to come to work I was fortunate to hear my buddy Todd Rundgren start my day. Sure, it wasn’t Hello It’s Me but it was Can We Still Be Friends which is also a good song. I have no idea when Todd worked his way into my consciousness but I’m glad he did (maybe it was from my aunt – who was a hippie – who painted flowers and vines on my arms and legs and fueled my ambition to be a flower child (or Go-Go Girl) when I grew up – oh and neither of those worked out for me :-)). Anyway, for some reason I find his songs make me feel peaceful. Who knows – I’m just weird what can I say????

I’ve needed some peace lately so Todd on the radio – it was a very good thing.

My peace, what little of it I have – and if you have ever called my house or stopped by you know what I’m talking about - will probably be pretty short-lived since our new puppy will be taking up residence in our home on Friday evening. The girls and I went to the pet store yesterday and “stocked up” which to the girls meant a pink doggie bed complete with pink bone shaped pillow and blankie and doggie toys. What I did not buy was the carpet deodorizer /neutralizer stuff for “accidents”. I thought we already had some and it was $11.00. The HotY didn’t exactly follow my logic – ”you bought a doggie bed for $25 but you passed on the carpet stuff because it was $11 and we might already have it?” I’m sorry but I still don’t understand his dismay – I mean we DIDN’T have a doggie bed and we MIGHT have had the carpet stuff (we didn’t – but I didn’t know that at the time) what is hard to understand about that concept? So it looks like one more trip to the pet store – this time HE can go :-)

TTFN… Have a great evening!


Amy said...

Well I have almost a full carton of it if you would like it. It is the Arm & Hammer powder stuff, I believe. It's yours. I won't be needing it any time soon. :(

Ann said...

Congrats on the new addition Angie - sounds like some fun chaos coming to your house!