Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to me - the official version...

it's 12:21 a.m. so that means it is officially my birthday. WooHoo. Ring the bells and bring on the party balloons.

You know it's such a funny thing about birthday's. I always tell myself that my birthday doesn't really matter. That I'm a grown-up. That everyone has a birthday - I'm not any more special than anyone else. But then it starts to creep up - that feeling of anticipation. Of wanting to really feel special. Like it is a big day - this day I entered the world.

I'll get up thinking that every thing about the day is going to be bigger and better than any other day. That the sun is going to shine brighter and the birds are going to sing sweeter and everyone will be nice to me and there won't be any sadness or anger or disappointment - that life is bliss. But then the end of the day will come and I'll realize it really wasn't that much different than any other day. That is not to say that the day will not be good. It will be good - very good - my kids and the HotY will be extra nice. I won't have to cook. I'll go out to lunch with Amy and maybe for a few cocktails with friends in the evening - but all in all - it's just a day like any other day (except those two little numbers which partially define me will be changing) - it is only in my mind - that thing about the sun and the birds and the goodness in the world - that the day is really anything beyond ordinary.

I don't mean to sound all melancholy (that's the problem with staying up late at night when the house is quiet - a lot of time to think). I've had a great birthday so far. We had cake and ice cream at my parents with a very nice gift. The HotY gave me a very unexpected and appreciated and far too expensive gift. My kids are all excited about giving me the cards they have made. It's good. All good. I know it's good. So don't get me wrong. I'm very appreciative of the life I have. Of the kindness and goodness and love I am surrounded with on a daily basis. It is all good - very good.

Sooooo, in light of my birthday I'm going to give you a list of songs you might want to add to your iPod if they aren't already there. These are some of my favorites from the non-mainstream (does that make sense). Some are new and some are old. Listen and enjoy. Or don't listen and move on. It is what it is :-)

Here you go - Happy Birthday to me - from me :-)

1, Adele - Chasing Pavements (thanks Amy :-))

2. Snow Patrol - You Could Be Happy

3. One Republic - Come Home

4. One Republic - Won't Stop (ignore the video - it is the only clip of the song that I could find that wasn't a live version - it's about the song - not the video :-))

5. U2 - Running To Stand Still

6. U2 - Sweetest Thing

7. Shinedown - Second Chance

8. 3 Doors Down - Let Me Be Myself

9. Bruce Springsteen - One Step Up

10. Del Amitri - Tell Her This


Shirley said...

Happy birthday, sweetie!

Wendy said...

Because you are you and because I am me... I wish you a big Happy Birdie! And also because I am me and you are you...I've just got to pick on you too!

Look you and Barbie are the same age! :-) I thought Syd might want to know...

Ann said...

hope you had a great birthday Angie!