Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I think I've been this way before...

yesterday was just a weird day. I felt like I was living a rerun.

The girls had swimming lessons - the first lesson since last summer. And, just like the first lesson of the series that summer, I needed to stop and get gas. Although I left in plenty of time and went to a familiar gas station and knew that I paid correctly and could get the gas nozzle thingie down without touching it and I wasn't late I still did not come out of the encounter ditz free. I got out of the van and started filling up and the girls started yelling "MOM it's cold shut the door" I don't know what I was thinking about but it wasn't putting gas in the van and while deep in thought I forgot to close the door when I got out. Big eye roll - what was I thinking??? Where was I?

We were a little early for swimming (really, it's true) so instead of heading right for the club we took a drive in the neighborhood - a neighborhood I used to know very well as I used to live there. I took the hidden alley behind my former house on the one-way street and showed the girls the window that used to be my room. They weren't impressed - as a matter of fact they said "that's an icky house mom - I'm glad you don't live there anymore". At least they are honest :-)
Then we went to the lessons. They are taught by my friend Jan. She has privileges at a local health club - the same health club I went to for years when I actually liked to work-out. And although that was many years ago - before children - the place still looks the same. The colors in the locker room are the same, the front desk is the same, the pool is the same - I even saw some of the same people that were there all that time ago. It was kind of surreal. It made me want to work out (I KNOW!) It made me feel like I've been this way before. Like I said - it was just kind of a weird day.

I did watch Dancing With The Stars on Monday. There are some BAD dancers this time. And what is the deal with that Apple computer guy? He's old and everyone knows even the young computer geeks don't know how to dance - it's a documented fact - just look it up. I was most impressed with Shawn Johnson and the Melissa chick that was dumped by the Bachelor - I'm glad to see she is back on her feet. I'm thinking that Mr. I'm the best dad in the world Jason the Bachelor guy is not so much - you know? That man is going to be single for a lllllllllloooooooonnnnnnnnggggggg time. Pick a path and at least fight it out man - holy bananas. Anyway, there just isn't anyone making my heart go pitter patter :-) Where's my Mario? Syd was very impressed with the show and was mostly concerned about the costumes and shoes. SHOES - where did she get this shoe thing? I mean I like a cute pair of shoes and all but I don't have the typical female shoe fetish- not usually anyway - unless they are really really cute and maybe a little blingy and pretty and (okay maybe I like shoes a little) Anyway, it was not a good thing if she didn't get a look at the shoes - who knew. Oh and to say she was impressed by the fact that Barbie and I share the same birthday (although not the same number, contrary to what my friend Wendy would have you believe) would be an understatement. She's my girl :-)

Before I go I have one other random item: here is a link to Tara Whitney's blog. She is a photographer. She has posted this awesome video. Watch it - really - it will make you smile - it might make you cry - but either way it is such a sweet video I had to share. Who knew...

TTFN... some roads lead to new destinations and some just go in circles but regardless at least you're moving.

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Amy said...

I can't believe you didn't mention the chlorine smell. :-) I did love that video. Almost makes me want to plunk down the 2 grand to have one of my own! Can't you see me and the boys picnic(ing) and Jason making me a daisy chain for my hair?! Ha.