Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sometimes life isn't fair...

Seriously. I know I try not to be too serious on this blog too often but lately it seems like I have been hearing that dreaded "c" word (cancer) all too often from friends and acquaintances whose lives have been touched by cancer. And no one is spared, not young or old, male or female, wealthy or destitute. Cancer is an equal opportunity disease. Recently the son of an acquaintance I have made through two peas and scrapbooking was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I can't read this story and not think of my own children and not try to make a difference. To learn more about how you can help Joey and his family please follow this link.

Thank you!


Amy said...

I pray for the day that childhood cancers are GONE!

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine...thanks for sharing the story Angie. I will definitely visit the donation link. Giving my kiddos and extra squeeze and kiss today.
Ann (who can't remember her google password to sign in!)