Thursday, April 5, 2007

I just about jumped out of my seat...

I was sitting here getting ready to post my little post when there was this huge CLUNK against the window. I jumped 10 feet. Some little birdie thought it wanted to sit on my shoulder (I am absolutely sure it was the bluebird of happiness) but didn't realize there was a nasty piece of glass between him and contentment. Hmmm. I wonder how long it takes a dazed bird to get up and start flying again? I hope it is before the neighborhood cat comes lurking around... Okay so with that thought.

Do you have a memory that no matter what the time or place it makes you smile. Your heart just sings with the happiness of the moment remembered. My girls made one of those memories for me the other night. We went out to dinner at a Bar-B-Que place. You know the type, it had all the knick knacks, flying pigs, flashing lights, the whole deal and that snappy music playing in the background. The down south on the bayou kind of thing going on right in our own little frozen corner of the world. Anyway... they have this row of old theater seats in the waiting area and the girls both slid themselves up into those seats. I was perusing (fine, looking, but I like perusing and really how often do I get to use it) the menu on the wall and turned back around to look at the girls and there they were heads bobbing, feet wriggling and they were wearing the most innocent, supremely, I am so happy to be where I am smiles on their faces that I just couldn't stop watching them. I asked in my teasing "mean voice" "What are you doing" and Syd piped right up "oh we're just dancing - we like it here". There was just something so simply happy about that moment my soul just sang with the delight I felt. And now every time I think of their little bodies and sweet faces sitting in those chairs with dancing feet and heads I just can't help but smile at the sweet memory. I mean really does life ever get any better than that? Not in my book!

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Maija said...

What a lovely memory...cherish it!