Monday, April 9, 2007


Just when I thought I might reconsider and start to love the big red bulls-eye again I am forced to reconsider. This is a true story. Names have not been changed to protect the corporate giant

So you know how you buy something NEW for a special occasion – oh let’s say new white tights for Easter from TARGET? And you know how you just make the assumption that since THEY ARE BRAND NEW and from TARGET that everything will be okay? And then you know how you don’t bother to open the package because you just bought the item at TARGET and just throw it in the suitcase? Well in the future OPEN THE PACKAGE especially if it is from TARGET.

Do you see a problem here? These tight were made for oompa loompas! Big round waist - little bitty legs. So here it is Easter morning and my girls in their pretty princess dresses have nothing to wear on their legs. I had to resort to plain ole’ cotton socks. I wasn’t happy! I can hardly wait to find out the fun I will have returning these DEFECTIVE tights. I’ll keep you informed.

Easter was good. Lots of candy was had by all


Maija said...

Your children all look gorgeous decked out for Easter!

Shirley said...

beautiful kids! good luck with the tights!

Amy said...

I bet Walmart doesn't sell defective tights! They look like bunny ears. :)

terri said...

do you make that grrrrr noise for the husband of the year? i sit here bored out of my mind cuz i am loopless here in minncity so i might just post for all your thoughts. tt