Monday, April 23, 2007

Meet Pinkie......

the Hugh Hefner of the teddy bear world.

Look at him all decked out in his bathrobe getting ready to seduce all the Barbies and Baby dolls hanging out around the closet organizer! I know I know I have too much time on my hands. But this is Syd's version of a well-dressed bear - whether the wardrobe is right or not. The robe really belongs to a wayward Pooh Bear who was stripped bare all in the name of sacrifice for the beloved Pinkie, Syd's teddy friend since her birth. Oh and by-the-way, Ms. Syd just informed me that Pinkie and her twin, Pinkie, (you gotta love the originality of that girl) are girls. Well so much for the Hugh Hefner story...

The "dancing show" is on tonight. Normally the girls and I watch it piled onto our "big" bed but we got a new mattress this weekend and it is so high I'm afraid the girls might fall off and break their legs. The past two nights I have hoped and prayed I haven't had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night - it's quite a drop and I'm not the most graceful even when fully awake :-) Oh and about the dancing - have you noticed that those that dance to a real dance tune instead of a stylized Brittney Spears tune do much better? Okay, just wondering.

Okay gotta go - big happenings in the house tonight. It's our turn to make playdough for preschool. The girls want "TUROOOOQUOISE"

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Shirley said...

have fun! adorable bear!