Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday Monday...

It’s Monday again. How come these Monday’s come so quickly? Just when I think I am enjoying my time off it hits me that tomorrow is MONDAY! I’d like to know who decided we work five days and play two. Whoever it was they didn’t think this through very well! Was there not a censuring committee?

Anyway, even after my crabby start to Friday the day turned out well and the entire weekend was beyond fine. It was BEAUTIFUL!

Friday night we accompanied Alex to a dance. It was put on by our local Adaptive Park & Rec program and believe me when I say that the worker bees behind all these adaptive programs are WONDERFUL! Helping those with special needs is their passion. Our community would be lost without their valuable addition to the lives of our special needs population. As for the dance attendees, there is just something so refreshing about seeing a crowd of teens and young adults with nothing more on their minds then having fun. There are no hidden agendas, no secretly held best-dressed competitions in the women’s bathroom, no superiority or jealousy. Seriously. Life may be tough for them, much tougher than any of us with “normal” lives will ever know, but you would never know it when you go to these dances. Music seems to be the universal language spoken by everyone in every capacity. It does my sometimes cynical heart good to watch all these beautiful souls sing and DANCE!

Alex also had the honor of helping with the refreshment table at break time. They couldn’t have picked a better person. He got things done and whatever you did you did not take more than your allotment of cookies or juice – one each – no exceptions – at least that is how it worked at Alex’s end of the table!

Lauren and Sydney always want to go and dance with their big brother. We usually try to take them. I feel like the lessons they are learning from watching and interacting with this group of diverse individuals is more valuable than anything I could ever teach them. It was a good night.

We also planted some bulbs this weekend. The girls insisted they needed to help. At first they were a little rough with the delicate lily bulbs so I told them they had to handle them gently, that they were flower babies. Well that was the right thing to say. Soon we were making dirt beds for each bulb. Syd tucked them in and Lauren covered them up with their dirt blankets. After we were done Syd went around and sang a lullabye to each bulb.

I’ll carry this weekend in my heart for a long time.


Amy said...

It sounds like a keeper. :)

Colleen said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend. So glad for you !!!!

Maija said...

What a wonderful time for Alex! I love those treasured moments!