Friday, April 27, 2007

Shoulda - Woulda - Coulda...

I had a shoulda-woulda-coulda moment this morning. I missed a golden opportunity to ruin someone’s day! I know that sounds mean hearted – and on a Friday but – well I’m not feeling a lot of charity right now.

This morning on my way to work as I was pulling out of my driveway and waving goodbye to my kids (who call me on my cell phone crying if I don’t remember to wave goodbye when they are at the window) I saw a car 4 blocks up the street - no problem. Well before I know it this woman is ON MY BUTT. She must have been going 45 – excuse me this is not the frontage road – this is a residential street, with lots of kids – the speed limit is 25. So I just kept going my 25 and I knew it was bugging her and then she starts digging around for a cigarette and is weaving all over the road. Again, there are kids in this neighborhood (which she obviously knows since she must live here). But I got my revenge and she got stuck at a red light I was able to go through  All the way to work I am thinking about how annoyed I am and how I want to put a sign on the sidewalk that says – If you SLOW DOWN you may be a few minutes late for work – but if you hit a kid you’ll be in JAIL! Seriously, I want that sign.

Anyway I pulled into the parking lot at work and was taking my sweet time and start to walk to the door and THERE SHE IS coming into the parking lot. She gets out of her car and sprints to the door and lets it shut in my face. NICE! But you know what really annoys me? It is the fact that I didn’t say anything to her. I so wish I would have confronted her and asked her how she would feel if someone flew by her house at 50 mph while her kids were waiting for the bus. Why didn’t I speak up? So now I am trying to suppress an uncontrollable urge to go put a note on her car – but I really don’t want someone throwing eggs at my house so I won’t but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to do it.

So now I’m still sitting here going shoulda – I shoulda said something – I coulda said something – if I had more prep time I woulda said something. DANG!

One last thing, if you are the praying kind please say a prayer for Joey Gallacher. Things aren’t looking good. Although I don’t know the Gallacher family personally I can’t help feeling sad and helpless for Jen. As a mother with a mother’s heart it brings tears to my eyes. It breaks my heart.


deb said...

I'm totally the same way! We have people driving waay too fast on our narrow and windy road. I feel for you.. I wouldn't have been able to say anything either and definitely would want to.

I'm saying a prayer.

Shirley said...

gee, same neighborhood and office. what are the odds? I would've driven even slower. ;)