Sunday, December 21, 2008

Silent Night...

Not much to say so I'll leave you with pictures today.

Blogger has a mind of it's own when it comes to posting pictures and today I'm too impatient to move them around so you get what you get in no particular order :-)

Syd and her "potential" groom. This was the highlight of the Christmas
program for her and she has asked no less than 25 times for me to print this
picture out for her so she can look at him whenever she is feeling lonely (her
words). This really is not a good sign is it??? And look at the adoration on her face? Oh boy!

Lauren just being sweet Lauren.

Syd being Syd.

Syd - being Syd again. She insisted on having this hat and she has been wearing
it ever since it came home from the store. As for the sunglasses and solemn face
- who knows - it's Syd I don't ask questions.

Hey look, it's a Christmas Tree - our tree. Our ARTIFICIAL tree which will be
replaced with a real tree next year (we went to the fake tree the year the girls
were born - it is time to get back to nature I would have done it this year -
but well - I need a new vacuum).

More tree

Lauren and her buddy Mickey. Seriously, I don't ask about their prop choices or
even their insistence that certain moments be preserved for eternity. I guess
they have their reasons.

TTFN... Have a Merry Christmas. And for those of you who have been asking - no there will not be any Christmas cards from us this year - well unless I get really ambitious in the next 48 hours and really that is not looking promising. Maybe New Year's cards???? It's a thought.


Shirley said...

love all the pictures! the first one makes me LMAO though. BTW, how did you get such great shots of the tree???

Wendy said...

Your girls are adorable. I loved the shot of Syndey's beau! :-) Your tree is gorgeous...fake or no...and I've stopped doing Christmas cards too. We just got our pictures taken today for our New Year's cards...I've even sent my cards out in July before. I'm lame and I love it! Join me!