Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And now for the slideshow portion of the show...

Pictures. Nothing but pictures - and a little bit commentary (because really, you know me - right).

This Barbie was quite the big deal. She seems to creep teenage boys out. Syd took her to Church with us on Christmas morning (I KNOW but it wasn't crowded so there was adequate seating). She was certain no one knew that she wasn't a real girl (I can assure you the teenage boys walking by our pew and commenting on her, (Barbie's not Syd's) "creepiness" knew).

The aftermath. Please note the pile of boxes and garbage bag of wrapping paper beside the couch not to mention the vacuum cleaner at the end of the hallway - now this is what a real house looks like :-) Let's just say our house is REAL most of the time!

Birthday Boy!

The tree before the carnage began.
Birthday Boy's Birthday Cake (for Amy's viewing pleasure)


Shirley said...

love all the pictures! and what a fun birthday cake!

Amy said...

thank you.

Wendy said...

I absolutely love that you let giant Barbie go to church with you! LOL!