Wednesday, August 29, 2007

About that red bulls-eye...

you know the one. That big one that graces most metropolitan strip malls all over the United States (which I DO recognize on a map of the world – did you hear that Ms. Teenage South Carolina?). I know I said I was not doing business with the red bull’s-eye any longer – and I meant it – when I said it. See that’s the thing with me – when I say something I really DO mean it – at the time, but then as weeks go by, well, I end up not meaning it quite so much. I know it’s a serious character flaw – but now you know my weakness so there won’t be any surprises. Between this and the little rule thing is it any wonder I had those few encounters with law enforcement?

Anyway I’m confessing, I’m seeing the red bulls-eye again and so far it is going okay. I mean really it has so much to offer. Sure, I have to pay for the privilege of big red’s company, but most of the time I don’t mind. I’m not sure it will last and I’m not totally happy about it but I needed some good stuff so I’m trying to make my peace with the situation and move on down the aisle.

So, I wanted you to know in case you saw us together. I don’t want anyone being caught off guard or in an awkward situation. And seriously, I tried to love ShopKo I really did but it just didn’t happen. It just wasn’t the good stuff!

Gotta go – see ya at Target!



terri said...

well, will wonders never cease.
I knew you could not resist the pull of the red bulls eye. They do have the good stuff. We know you always go where you can find the good stuff. tt

Amy said...

There is always Wally's World! Much closer to home too. :-)