Monday, August 6, 2007

Another week another dollar!

Usually by the time the alarm goes off in the morning I am partially awake, but not this morning. I was still in a deep sleep and not at all happy when I heard that annoying beep telling me another week had begun. Seriously, I was so darn crabby, and then the HotY told me I didn't even have him give me one snooze. I was sure I did, I always do one snooze, but he says I didn't snooze. Well if I didn't really get the snooze, and I'm not sure he isn't delirious, I'm not very happy because goll darn it I could have had another 7 minutes of sleep. I hate it when I miss good sleep :-)
So I have some takers for my scrap challenge. Tomorrow I will have one of my kiddies draw a name and someone will get the Foof A Life book. So you still have 24 hours to join the "out with the old in with the new" challenge!
Here are my attempts at using old supplies. Can you tell? Huh, huh can you????


Shirley said...

LOVE the layouts!

Anonymous said...

I can't tell, can you? Awesome layouts and BTW, I didn't buy a single new thing for the album I did last week. 46 pages without any trips to the LSS. I was stoked! Colleen