Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What I learned today...

1. Do NOT wear flip-flops in the rain.
They get all gooshy, and gross and pretty soon your feet stink and people wonder where the heck that smell is coming from. I mean I'm not saying MY feet stink - only that it could happen!

2. Do NOT buy umbrellas from Walmart, even if they are pink.
And let me clarify I did not make the purchase. The HotY did. Sure it's pink and he was thinking of me but just trust me - the Walmart umbrella - not the best quality - and it isn't automatic. There is no little button on the side of the handle that you push and POOF the umbrella pops up. Nope, it's all manual baby. I mean really don't I have enough to do without worrying about manually operating my umbrella. It's like having to CRANK down a car window. Who has time for that :-)

3. Stress can make you do strange things.
The stress of the past week must have been getting to me because last night, just for a moment, I actually considered going to Walmart to pick up a few things. I KNOW!! I have no idea what I could possibly have been thinking - and luckily I came back to my senses before any regrettable decisions were made!

That's it. That's what I know today. And really, it's all valuable information. Next time you avoid any of these pitfalls of life feel free to think of me and thank me - because really I'm doing this all for you :-)



Amy said...

I think you performed your first PSA! :-)

Colleen said...

How funny. I will always remember that lesson - never ever purchase an umbrella from Walmart.