Thursday, August 9, 2007

Some days are like this...

and I hate it. My dad is having his MRI and other tests today. I'm very worried but hopefully there will be answers after all of this. I mean this is my dad, he isn't supposed to be sick. Anyway please continue to keep him in your thoughts.

And if that were not enough my little Lauren has been sick. They aren't sure what is going on with her either. She has some concerning symptoms so yesterday she had an x-ray and her first blood draw (that she remembers) and it wasn't pretty. It was even uglier when they called me at home and said - bring her back we need to do the blood draw again since something happened to the first tubes. Nice. So I took her back in while she asked me to make sure they didn't hurt her again (can you hear my heart breaking) and while we were waiting she threw up all over me and their floor. UGH! I have a confession - I wasn't too sorry about their floor, they were going to stick my baby again because of their screw up - a little throw up was nothing compared to having to make Lauren go through THAT again. I have already called the doctor but of course she will have to get back to me with the results. So please keep my baby in your thoughts also.

For me it is the waiting. I hate anticipation. I hate not knowing. Heck I even hate surprises! So this kind of thing - waiting to find out about people that I love - it is not a good thing!

Did I mention the rain? Just want to make sure you have the complete picture. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be full of good news.



Amy said...

Only good thoughts for you Angie.

Maija said...

I understand how you were feeling about your dad. For me, it's so weird, incomprehensible to think I will be losing my mom! I mean, how do we cope with that?