Thursday, August 16, 2007

Did I ever mention my issue with rules?

I really think I have mentioned this before - my problem with following the little rules. You know the ones, like the one that says wait 1 hour before getting in the pool, or the no u-turn one, or the take this medication with food kind of thing. Well that brings me to my issue with challenges - scrapbook challenges. I fail at them miserably - even my own. I know I know I put a out with the old in with a new challenge out there. Heck I even offered a prize. And I'm not reneging I'm really not. I have been following my own rules and using the old but I've been a little slow to draw for the prize. But I've done it - really I have. Okay actually the girlies selected the winner. And that winner - of the FOOF-A-LIFE book is - LINDA. Grandma Linda. So Linda - send me your address and this fabulous prize will soon be in your hands. Oh and HOORAY to Bethie who showed me some of the fabulous things she has been doing.

Okay I feel so much better now. I made a "rule" (hey to me rule - challenge it's all the same thing) I kept the promise, I feel so fulfilled :-)