Monday, August 29, 2011

My heart just went pitter-patter

I'm sitting here doing my usual computer stuff while the girls are playing games at the kitchen table.  Alex just came home from his summer job and has handed me his communication notebook.  Since Alex's communication skills are limited and we want to keep track of how Alex is doing and encourage good job behavior his job coach adds an entry to the notebook each day he works to let us know how the day went for Alex and if there were any problems.  I am happy to say that most days he gets a good report and earns a peanut butter cup.  Today he is especially proud of his day.  After showing his report to me he just took the notebook to each of the girls so they could read about his wonderful day.  Lauren is reading the note - Alex "helped" her with a hard word or two and now she is lavishing praise on her older brother.  My heart just gave a huge pitter-patter.  Ahhhhh this is why I have kids.  Moments like these.  If nothing else good happens today this morning was enough. 

TTFN... oh and now Alex is having the dog "read" his report she seems slightly uncomfortable and aloof - walking away - all this good news for Alex is making her look really bad with her trash can rummaging, napkin stealing and sock chewing ways.

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