Thursday, August 18, 2011

Doggy Dippin'...

My childhood hometown, a small community with an awesome swimming pool, is closing for the season on Sunday.  After the pool closes to the general public they are going to have a "doggy dip" which is essentially a swimming party for dogs before they begin to drain the pool.  I received an invite on Facebook (I mean really, is there any other way to hear information anymore?) and am seriously considering taking Autumn.  I've never been to a Doggy Dip before.  The kids would love it and although my hometown is just over an hour away they have only been there once - the girls were three and Alex was thirteen (my parents don't live there anymore, my grandparents have passed away and most of my relatives are scattered across the country so there hasn't been any urgent reason to visit).  AND it really is an awesome pool so we could go early and the kids could swim and then we could take Autumn in for a refreshing dip.

It sounded good on paper so I mentioned it to my friend Roxann thinking she might want to come along.  She was silent for a moment and then she said "you're going to take your dog to a pool with a lot of other dogs and people - your dog?" she seemed a little puzzled that I was considering it.  Sure she (the dog, not Roxann) gets a little excited around new people and has been known to pee on the floor in her frenzy of jumping, licking, tail wagging, rear wiggling delight but she settles down after three or four hours.  Besides we have taken her to to the dog park - she behaves - most of the time.  How bad could the doggy dip be - she's never been swimming before, there will be several other people and dogs, kids will be walking around with ice cream cones and hot dogs in their hands, I don't see a problem.  Besides, it's a fenced in pool and except for that people and food loving thing I don't think there would be any problems at all, it'll be fun, I'm not stressed at all.

So the HotY and I will discuss the skinny dippin' dog day a little bit more before the final decision is made - but really I think she will be fine, really, just fine, really, trust me, it will be good, really.  Fine, think what you want but I still think it would be fun.


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