Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do you pin?

Have you discovered Pintrest?  At first I didn't get it.  I would see people posting "pins" on Facebook but I just didn't get it.  So what's the deal?  They like that?  They don't like that?  And what the heck IS THAT much less what is a pin?  So I decided to check it out - and I'm hooked.  Pintrest is like those big folders you have that are stuffed with pictures from magazines and idea books and stuff printed out from the computer except without all the mess and storage issues.  And if you aren't one of those people who likes to hang onto things you see and like than you might not understand the allure of Pintrest but for someone like me who is always wanting to remember pretty things it is a gold mine! 

The boards are kind of interesting too in that I think they can tell you a little about the person who created them.  If you were to look at my boards you would think that I like cooking while wearing a lot of diamond rings and stiletto heels while shopping for expensive clothes on the Internet surrounded by pretty flowers and making gorgeous cards to send to all the people in my life :-)  It might be true it might not - you decide :-

If you are on Pintrest let me know and I can start following you or follow me and we'll find each other.  It's like Internet shopping for kindred spirits.

TTFN... happy pinning!

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