Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm such a lucky girl!!

And that was said WITHOUT sarcasm - seriously. 

In my little Glitter Me! business I have had the pleasure of meeting so many nice people.  Really, I have not had a bad apple in the whole bushel (dang it now you just know I'm going to get someone with an attitude to match J-Lo - just wait and see).  But anyway, now that I have tempted fate and walked around my house knocking on every piece of wood I own I'll move on with my little story.  I have had the pleasure of meeting so many nice people, new moms, grandmas, brides, especially the brides.  And have I mentioned they have all been peaches?  How has that happened?  I mean I watch Say Yes to the Dress and some of those brides - NOT NICE!  Maybe only nice brides are drawn to glittery goodness???  And you know I love to hear all about their big days because I love weddings.  LOVE THEM!  Sooooo, I recently had the privilege of working with an especially nice bride, Kristen, who was good enough to share her lovely pre-wedding pictures, some of which included the banners I had made for her.  And guess what - I'm going to share them with you - I'm so nice like that :-)  Here we go, without further ado (and yes I have the bride's permission to share - I'm nice and considerate :-)).

Kristen and Matthew

Aren't those pictures awesome?  They were taken by her brother.  Here is a link to his blog showing more pictures of the cute couple.  ATD Productions.   

Okay done now.  I know how all this rainbow and sunshine stuff can be annoying :-)