Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It snowed.  It was April 19th. 

I bought cute sleeveless Easter dresses for the girls thinking how nice it would be by the time Easter rolled around. 
Yesterday, it snowed.

Last week I thought about trips to the greenhouse to get hanging baskets and pretty flowers to decorate the outside of the house.
Yesterday, it snowed. 

I am so looking forward to having a non-working summer that I can hardly stand waiting another day. 
Yesterday, it snowed.

And it snowed because of that desire I have to enjoy the summer, spending sun-filled days and warm balmy nights with nothing more to worry about than what color flip-flops I should wear.  If I were still working, stuck in a windowless cube jungle the weather would be beautiful.  The sun would shine and yesterday, it would not have snowed.  Yes, it is all my fault.  The last time I remember having such a crummy spring or summer was when I was the proud owner of a Mustang convertible.  It rained almost every day that summer.  Oh Mother Nature why do you hate me when I love MOST of your seasons so much?

In other news - yesterday the dog ate a pill which fell on the floor.  The pill was not meant for her.  If it had been a tomato or a pill she was supposed to take she would not have touched the darn thing but since it didn't belong to her and she thinks there is nothing better than food of the non-vegetable variety which belongs to her humans she ate the pill.  Dumb Dog!  I took her to the vet and 174 dollars later I found that she was just fine and the pill did not cause any ill-effects. 
Oh and yesterday - it snowed.

TTFN...  hoping for sun!

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