Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Well at least it's not Monday...

feeling sort of out of sorts today but it's sleeting and snowing so I'm blaming it on the weather!

My super special ESP has been on the fritz for a while but I'm happy to say it is back. After Friday's post (I think it was Friday - I can barely keep track of my kids how do you expect me to keep track of the days...) guess what song I heard on Sunday? Yep, Hello It's Me, and it's not like it is a much played song so you know it was me - me and my blog :-) Anyway, I was on my way home from Target and I was almost home and it came on the radio so I had to drive around my neighborhood like a Sunday open house hunter until it was over. Ahhhh it was a good thing! Now if I could only direct my super special ESP in a productive direction - like predicting the Power Ball numbers or when a Walmart shopper is going to pull out right in front of while I'm on the frontage road. That would be useful information!

Have a great day.


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