Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here comes Peter Cottontail...

hmmm, is it Peter Cottontail? Or is he hyphenated Peter Cotton-Tail? Or Peter C. Tail? Or maybe in real life he simply goes by Pete Tail???? It is all a mystery to me!

So the Easter excitement is reaching epic proportions at our house. The kids are all excited about meeting the Bunny at the mall. I've never bothered with the meeting of the Bunny before but someone put the bug in their ears and now there is no going back. Although I will admit visiting Peter, or the lack thereof, has been a threat almost as effective as calling Santa to put certain someones on the naughty list! I know, my parenting skills abound :-) I'm going to have to come up with new consequences tomorrow as the visiting is taking place this evening. Yes, we'll be THAT family at the mall. Enough said!

Speaking of kids, I've got some work to do with Miss Syd regarding giving. She seems to have an issue with not having everything belong to her - FOREVER. On Sunday she actually cried when she put her quarter in the collection basket at mass. It was her quarter, she loved that quarter, she had plans for that quarter. I sternly whispered "put the quarter in the basket NOW or there won't be any Peter Cottontail for you" - see above :-) It worked but she wasn't happy. And the weird thing is that she is a good sharer but she is not a good giver. I'm not sure what that is all about - control maybe? I think I am going to have some work to do with her on this because I really do not want selfish, spoiled kids (remember that chick from Willy Wonka - not the one that blew up like a blueberry but the other one - the "I want it now" one, I can't remember her name - anyway, I don't want kids like that!). Maybe I'll make her give away an unloved toy every month. I don't know. Suggestions????

Okay I've rambled enough today. I mean I could start in on how the sister of the non-giver is a good giver and BAD sharer but really the story's the same only the names have been changed :-)


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