Monday, March 24, 2008

Here it comes again...


I really want to be a Monday lover - really I do - but it just doesn't happen. I go to bed thinking about how bright and cheery and happy I am going to be when I wake up in the morning. How I am going to sing "Climb Every Mountain" to my children as they rise from their beds and get themselves dressed while joining in on the chorus. How I am going to be full of domestic bliss and joy. Then reality sets in and the alarm goes off and the HotY hauls himself out of bed takes his shower and then wakes me up. No matter how he wakes me up I am generally not very happy about the entire concept of early morning wakage :-) (yeah yeah yeah, I know it's not a word but so what it's my blog). A couple of weeks ago he asked me what the appropriate way to wake me might be as he had tried several variations all resulting in the same thing - CRABBY! I didn't have a good answer. Actually I'm better with an alarm clock than I am with a human. Anyway, I believe I've digressed. The point is I don't like Monday's even though I try, really, really, really hard.

Oh and one other thing, I have a confession. We missed Mass on Easter Sunday :-O We were at my parents, home of the ultimate shower, when plans on Saturday night changed slightly. But it was all good. It was family, and family is just as important as church as far as I'm concerned because really isn't that what church is all about? Family and community and belief? I think so. Besides we had a little bread and wine. Just ask Kerrie. She'll tell you about the wine. :-) Oh and Ms. Kerrie I'm sorry I was not up to say goodbye. For some reason I got to bed REALLY LATE and then in the morning my children pinned me to the bed and forced me to cuddle with them so by the time I got out of the shower you were gone :-( Sorry, really!

Man I think this is the most I have written in three months. WOW! Of course it is riveting stuff and all...

Okay, I'm out.



Anonymous said...

You can't ask me about the wine. I don't really remember the wine. I do remember the cake. But after that - darkness.


Shirley said...

I hear ya on Mondays. LOL!