Thursday, March 20, 2008

I was right...

and it had nothing to do with the super special ESP I am always bragging about. Nope, this simply had to do with knowing my kids because last night we WERE that family at the mall. After hurrying to eat dinner, get dressed and do hair I think we spent a total of 2 minutes with the bunny. These two minutes were proceeded by 15 minutes of whining and crying about not being able to play in the kids area which we made the mistake of walking by when we entered (there should be a warning on the doors about this - CAUTION PARENTS WITH CHILDREN: CHILDREN'S PLAY AREA AHEAD DO NOT ENTER IF IT IS NOT YOUR INTENTION TO STOP") and followed by another half an hour of pleading and crying for the Ariel "Polly" doll (which to those of you not able to interpret Syd-speak means the small Polly Pocket size Disney dolls). Which was then followed by the continuing saga of the Ariel-less Syd when we arrived home which continued THIS MORNING as soon as the "Little Mermaid" herself woke because as she told me "I want what I want". Ummm sorry little girl - it doesn't work like that. Oh and I did buy the dang doll (and the Belle doll for Lauren) which the Easter Bunny will bring but I am almost tempted not to put it in her basket because I don't want to reinforce the behavior. If she doesn't mention it again the Easter Bunny will deliver but if there is any more whining and crying - NO ARIEL FOR YOU! At least not for a while anyway. She wore her Ariel socks today - pulled up OVER her pant legs because she wanted to be able to look at "the face" all day long - *sign* she looked like a nerd but at least there was no whining and I'm afraid I'm probably going to hear about the Polly Ariel again tonight since she will have the visual reminder ALL DAY LONG but I had to pick my battles and this time the socks won. When does this stage end??? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller????

Okay gotta go. TTFN!

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