Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What would you do???

I hate indecision. Really. But some days I am the most indecisive person I know. For me it isn't about not really knowing what I want but more about agonizing over my choice. Is it the right choice? Is it the best choice? What if I make the wrong choice and never have the opportunity to change my mind? These are the things that prevent me from making a decision (or maybe the better phrase is - these are the things that prevent me from voicing my decision - because really, if you know me, you know I am a pretty decisive person).

So I just don't know what decision to make about this blog. I truly feel like I'm losing steam. Like I just keep rehashing the same stories over and over again and as I've mentioned before I HATE to think I might be boring :-) But if I say "I'm done", "I quit", "I'm not blogging anymore". I might regret the decision because if I had to make a choice between writing or creating, writing is really my first love - I think :-) But as I said before when I get immersed in the whole creating thing I seem to lose the impetus to write - as much as I love it, the writing, it loses out. So what to do? I'm not going to stop creating because frankly I really do love that too and my little signs seem to be a small success (I'll blog about that tomorrow). Oh My Gosh - did you hear that - I said I'd blog about that tomorrow. Well I guess the decision has been made - at least for today. The blogging will continue but I am not sure how the whole thing is going to shake out. Bear with me while I try to make a decision. Maybe I will be able to find some balance in all of this. I hope so...



Maija said...

Take a break if you need to!

Melissa said...

I was considering the same thing recently.. wondering if anyone was really even reading! The bottom line is blog when you are inspired. Don't force it. It will come. And we'll be here waiting for ya' (at least those of us with blogreader thingies set up to let us know when someone updates.:))