Sunday, February 17, 2008

NO Walmart...

IIIII'mmmmmmmmmmmm Baaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!
Okay I'm done with that - there is a very fine line between quirky and annoying :-)

I've been sick - AGAIN. The kind of sick that is making me scared and thinking I might have to go to the doctor. Tomorrow is the deadline - keep your fingers crossed I am feeling like a brand new woman tomorrow.

So during the course of being sick I started thinking about the HotY's requirements for a new wife, they are really very few:

1. Someone who will love my children unconditionally as if they were their own
2. Someone who will not, under any circumstances, outfit themselves or my children in clothing from Walmart.

Really, that's it, the two big requirements. And yes, I know, I know, there are some out there that may take offense to my Walmart remark and I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be snotty, I'm just saying that there is no way I would be able to rest in peace if I thought my children were going to spend the rest of their formative years outfitted in Faded Glory!

I'm going to bed soon. If I can avoid the doctor tomorrow I'll do it!


Oh and as for my requirements for a replacement for the HotY - well I don't think I have to worry about the Walmart thing with Rob (Lowe) or My Marvelous Mario around :-)

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Maija said...

Hang in there, Angie - I hear that this crud that's going around has been lingering for weeks! So, rest assured that children will not be wearing Walmart!