Monday, November 19, 2007

Out of my element...

It doesn't happen often, but on Friday I had to make a little trip to Menards. Do you have Menards? They are like scrapbook stores for men. There are tools and wood and plumbing fixtures and hunting things. I was totally out of my element.

I was there because I was looking for little hinges. I knew they had them. I bought them there before. So in went in search of and found the hinge section. There were hinges for everything you could imagine – except crafting projects. Now really, I know this is a guys guy store but is it too much to ask for little hinges? I mean guys must make little things too. Besides I KNOW I got them here last time I bought little hinges. So I went in search of a sales person (you know there had to be a plethora of them hanging around because we all know men never ask for directions or where they can find an item). I found a guy and told him what I needed and he looked at me kind of like “no wonder you can’t find them – you’re in paint and you NEED to be in hardware” I told him I just came from hardware and didn’t find what I wanted there. Nevertheless, we traveled back to hardware and he said, while pointing to an entire section of little hinges “there is nothing here that will work?” to which I sheepishly answered “oh I didn’t see those I was looking on the other side”. I was so overwhelmed with all the testosterone hanging in the air I never thought to look on the other side of the aisle. I mean I was looking at an entire wall of hinges why would I think there would be even MORE and that they would be on the other side. Who knew. So I got my hinges and I’m happy but I paid the price I was totally out of my element :-)

In other news, the Etsy Shop seems to be doing okay considering I’m new at this. I have sold three things and have some custom orders. Check out the new stuff I’ve added when you have a chance. I love the SNOW sign if I do say so myself. By the way, I promise I won’t turn into the Etsy equivalent of a pesky Mary Kay saleswoman. You know her, she’s always telling you how fabulous you look BUT that you would look even better with a touch of Mary Kay Magic. Anyway, I might mention the store a time or two but I promise not to make it the topic of the day every day - seriously.

By the way , this post is dedicated to Shirley, who claims that I talk entirely too much about DWTS. I don’t, really, I don’t. Oh by the way – it’s the dancing show night. There, I’m not obsessing, I’m simply informing. Really Shirley, it’s the truth :-)


Amy said...

I love the new Etsy items!
And as you know I too ventured to no (wo)man's land that is Menards. I can never figure out how they have that store layed out. Makes no sense! There is no flow!!

Jennifer Stewart said...

Your Etsy items are so cute!! Love them! :)


Shirley said...