Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm here - I'm here...

Sorry for the lapse in posting but you know it was Thanksgiving and there was cleaning and cooking and eating and shopping! How can five days pass so quickly? I wanna be a kid again when the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas seemed to last FOREVER!

Thanksgiving was at our house. It almost always is. But before you start giving me all kinds of credit for hosting 15 people in my home I have to admit that even though we provide the house my mom and dad do most of the work. They bring the turkey and stuffing and all the other assorted odds and ends. I make the potatoes – but they are good potatoes! Actually this year I did a lot more of the cooking than I usually do – including the potatoes :-) I made Cinnamon Rolls and Banana Bread and Oreo Pie and Pecan Pie and Potatoes and some other things but I’ve forgotten already. All that food has given me a food hangover. The eating frenzy is but a blur :-)

Yesterday we spent several hours decorating the Christmas Tree. Three kids, two pets, two broken ornaments and six timeout threats! The holiday spirit is upon us!

I’ll post more tomorrow – with pictures. In the meantime if you need something to do check out my Etsy Shop – heck check out Etsy in general – it’s a great time waster!



deb said...

So glad you it was a good one! Potatoes are probably one of my faves from thanksgiving. They HAVE to be real! :)

Shirley said...

am waiting for a DWTS post - LOL!