Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And I was worried...

I really thought I might have to put my DWTS fascination on the shelf because I promised myself that if Marie Osmond won the finale I was going to stop watching (it’s a matter of principal – and I find her to be one of the most annoying people ever not to mention all those teeth and her equally annoying brother Donny). ANYWAY, I was a little worried that I might actually have to follow through on this threat - but thank goodness it was all for naught.

America knew, they knew, that Marie would be the end of DWTS. It would have been all too obvious that DWTS had nothing to do with DANCING and everything to do with STARRING (although that STAR thing – debatable!). I’m so glad I get to keep watching (although I know this is a big disappointment to reader Shirley :-)). And Marie, well she can go back to playing with her dolls…

There was something else I thought I had to say but I can’t think of what it was. I’m already picturing your disappointment! If I think of it I’ll get back to you!

I promised pictures so here they are – nothing spectacular but I wanted to get something out here. It’s been all blah blah blah and not much on the visuals lately.

Crabby - this kid is always crabby these days. I think he believes it's his job as a teenager to be crabby. Get over it - it's Christmas. I'm going to keep taking picture until he smiles. He's gonna love it :-)

Jingly Bells - it's all about the Jingly Bells. We even have Jingly Bell parades - really, I'm not joking about this. And this girl - CAMERA HOG! Get the camera out and she is dancing and posing all over the place - begging to be the center of attention - she is SOOOO like her father.

The one and only picture I got of Syd decorating the tree. Why? Because she was too busy running around being Syd and debating over which ornament was worthy of her attention. If she didn't like an ornament she would hold her hand up and say - I don't care for that one. Again, soooo like her father!

Merry Christmas!


Shirley said...

poor kiddos! beautiful tree!

Jennifer Stewart said...

Your tree looks beautiful, Angie!! :) And LOL @ the crabby tude. I know what that looks like!


Maija said...

A sullen, moody, obnoxious teen boy- I know it all too well!