Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One week and two days...

Am I living in some surreal world because I just cannot believe that Thanksgiving is almost here. When did this happen? The last time I checked my kids were looking for their swimming suits – oh wait my kids will wear their swimming suits anytime – weather is NOT a factor (I’ve told you it is all about picking my battles – right?)

We will be having Thanksgiving at our house. My family will all be present. I love it. Thursday will be a hub-bub of family activities and Friday – well we will brave the shopping. We don’t take it too seriously so it really is fun. Some people might call us crazy but that’s okay I’ve been called worse :-)

Thanksgiving dinner at our house means one thing - house cleaning and grocery shopping – but I’m telling you I like all that busy hustle and bustle this time of year. It adds to the anticipation(I’m okay with Holiday anticipation – it’s just that surprise anticipation that drives me over the edge)-.

I am afraid my friend Jenny Garth may be departing DWTS this week. Not that I think she deserves to go – but I have a feeling that the Marie Osmond fans of the world have joined forces this week and it’s all but over for Jenny. We’ll see how I do with this prediction. So far my DWTS super special ESP has not been super special OR accurate!

I have sold one item from my Etsy Shop. I can’t believe it. Now just to sell about 200 more :-) If you haven’t checked it out – please do so. If you have suggestions please tell me. I’m all about making things better.

Have a great day and do a little thanksgiving of your own this week.


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Amy said...

I love your enthusiasm for the holidays. Makes me believe that I too can do it! :)