Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wait a minute, I'm too young for this...

or at least I am in "Angie's World".

The girls are staying with my parents until Saturday (my dad is doing much better, he still needs to use a walker but he's getting there - go dad!!!!). The girls got there last night and were very excited that Jordan and Austin (my nephews) did not have school today so they would be around to grant their every wish and command. Sydney is especially fond of her "VERY handsome Jordan". This morning I got this email from my mom:
Sydney is marrying Jordan today. She wants everyone to come because this
is real and you have to dress up. She is already dressed and has Jordan's
clothes laid out for him. Lauren said she is not going to the wedding. I'll send pictures.
So apparently, my daughter married her first cousin in an outdoor, barefoot ceremony. Wedding guests were wearing crocs - it must have been a black tie only event! I will post pictures tomorrow. Oh and I'm now an aunt to my son-in-law. Should I be moving to Arkansas?

But the fun was only beginning. Tonight when I got home from work there were a couple of hang ups on our answering machine and the CID identified someone I had never heard of - well shortly after that the phone rang and it is a girl - asking to talk to Alex. Well me, being the mother I am, said who is this and she told me her name and that she was in Alex's class at school and wanted to talk to him so I handed the phone over (oh I did ask to talk to her mom or dad but she said WHY? pretty adamantly so I just let it go). Alex talked for about 2 minutes and then said "I'm done" and handed me the phone. I tried to get him to chat a bit more but he wasn't having any of it. So I gently told the girl caller that Alex was getting ready to eat and couldn't talk any longer. I did get him to say good bye, which amounted to just that "bye" click... I think we need to talk about how to treat girls :-)

So that was my day. Love is blooming in the cupcake house. I thought I had a few years before I had to deal with this stuff but apparently I'm wrong. Seriously, I hope the girl calling thing doesn't become regular. Alex isn't a huge phone talker and I really don't want to become his appointment secretary - but it is a good thing - really.

Pictures of the wedding tomorrow.



Wendy said...

Sydney is so much like you I just cracked up. Can't wait to see the pics!

Shirley said...

can't wait to see pictures! someone's got a girlfriend, someone's got a girlfriend! :)